Searching for Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere, or so they say. If it is, I’d like to find it. Because in small town America, it’s nowhere to be seen. A midst the flat farm lands and the sleepy school campus on which I work — I can’t help but find myself…uninspired. (To be fair: campus is only sleepy because it is summer, but still).

I’ve checked under the couch cushions and have found spare change and that pen I lost months ago. I’ve looked in some old books I have, loving the words still but not finding any motivation in them. I’ve explored new stores and tried new things (foods, jobs, living on my own), and yet, when I open Word, I stare blankly at a blank screen.

I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for about 40 minutes now, watching the news more than I have been writing these two and a half paragraphs. (The news? What am I? An adult?) If you would’ve asked me to blog about grammar, style, and life way back when in 2012 when I was still in PW, I would’ve flown through 20 posts without pausing to think.

So what has happened to me? What has changed in the year (and one month and two weeks and some odd days) since I graduated? Where is the girl who found inspiration in looking around the room and who could write for hours?

I think my portion of this blog will be dedicated to me learning to find myself again. I’ve lost her somewhere along the way, and I really miss her. It sounds so silly to write it out, but it’s true: I am lost without writing. It was my thing. My escape, my treasure, my pause button on life. I’d drift away into the words and I’d come out the other end feeling calm and yet somehow energized. And I want it back.

Here we go, world. You and me (and my six friends), trying to find inspiration.

Lauren is a social media guru/web content manager/overall awesome editor. She spends too much time talking about Game of Thrones and the Oxford comma. To be insta-best friends, follow her on twitter.

2 thoughts on “Searching for Inspiration

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