Voice Lessons for the Tone Deaf

Before we get too deep into our regular posts, I wanted to take a step back and think about what this blog means. How will the seven members of VALANCA interact with each other? How will we interact with you? Sure, we all write on the regular, but communicating across a computer screens is not the easiest thing to do.

So how do we differentiate?

I’m going to get really theoretical here for a second, but then I promise to never do it again because nobody like to see behind the wizard’s curtain for too long.


Voice is your personality in words. Your brand’s personality too, whatever you fancy. Voice is how you know what a person, a company, an anthropomorphized object is like even though you can’t really see them. VALANCA, as you may have noticed, has a very distinctive voice. VALANA might disagree with me, but I’d say we, as a group, are witty but not biting. Daring but not disrespectful. Knowledgeable but not pedantic. I could go on. If we’re doing it right, you probably already felt that. Voice is not something usually discussed out in the open like this. If you’re not actively thinking about it, it can be pretty hard to define. It’s just there, in the background, slowly building and developing like any real personality would.

So what’s tone?

Tone is the nuance behind your voice. It’s how you react in different situations. If you think of voice as a personality, tone is a mood. Your voice should be flexible enough to cover a full spectrum of emotions: witty and yet concerned, witty and enthusiastic, witty but gentle, and so on. Tone proves you’re not a robot, that you have layers.

Still not sure you know what I’m talking about? Maybe this infographic will help:

voicevstone title=

Look! Here’s an infographic I made describing the difference between voice and tone.


Chelsea is currently working as a copywriter at a software company. She is a syntax enthusiast and always enjoys a good dinner party.

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