Life Lesson #1: People are dumb

People are dumb.

I learned this lesson in high school. I learned it again in college. I naively (and stupidly) thought when I got into the professional world, that would change.

Well, ladies & gents, it most certainly does not.

Stupid people will always affect your life. Whether it be the lady at the grocery store who scans your leeks as green onions (and a thank you for that, because green onions are about $4 cheaper and I wasn’t about to correct that mess) or the co-worker who cannot figure out how to change her internet browser home screen. That person who uses comic sans for their work email. The stupid questions, calls for things that don’t matter, obvious oversights, workplace gossips people think won’t get back to you.

Yes, people are dumb. There will always be stupid people who cannot get their shit straight and who you are sooooo much better than (it’s true).

But hey, here’s a thought. I bet people think you’re dumb sometimes.

Maybe you are.

I am constantly irritated with people because they are stupid as all get out. At least I think they are. But it’s a good reminder to take a step back and remember that it’s harder to see the problem when you’re too close to it. It can never hurt to be kind and keep in mind that we all have flaws. Maybe theirs is that they can be a little thick in the head.

Vanessa is a project manager by day and a writer, novelist, and pretty badass cook by night. She loves used bookstores, is way too serious about tea, and doesn’t give a damn if she wears the same outfit 2 days in a row. She totally wants to be your friend, so you should follow her on twitter & maybe check out her writing blog.

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