Going Home + Gaining Perspective

Three weeks ago today I was celebrating the epic Michigan State football win. I had dropped a little more than I should have at Target, but it was OK. Michigan State had just beat our much hated rivals and I was loving my new responsibilities at work. Things were good.

Flash forward to today: My job is expiring in a month and I just returned from home after an unfortunate family health scare. This blog post is the first time I’m letting it all sink in (and beginning to regret those Target purchases).

Oh, how much life can change in such little time!

But when these major changes happen, it’s one of the times when my writing flows most freely and I become most inspired.

I began this post last week when I was home helping take care of my sister and had begun writing about how easy it was to write when I was home. I spent a lot of time in my childhood bedroom, sifting through old journals, swapping old tales with family members, and waiting at the hospital.

I would have thought for sure that the jam packed week (oh yeah, I was trying to put in a full 40 hour work week remotely too) would have stunted the creative juices, but amidst all of the stress and activities, when I’m surrounded by comforting things, food, and family I’m the most uninhibited in my writing.

In Milwaukee and Ann Arbor where I’ve been living for the most part over the past year, I was couch hopping and wasn’t comfortable. I couldn’t write, I couldn’t even think about writing. Every time I sat down in front of my computer to blog or write creatively I froze. This wasn’t my couch, my apartment, my coffee shop. I wasn’t home.

I was devastated earlier this week when I found out I would be leaving my job at the end of 2013. But then I realized I would most likely be heading home unless a job materializes in Milwaukee in the next three weeks. I’ll be surrounded by my father’s cooking, my mother’s big bear hugs, dinners with my grandparents, my favorite stuffed animals and the love and comfort of home.

So while three weeks ago I was blissfully happy and yet unable to write much of anything in my free time, today I find myself a little sad and yet overcome with the desire to write.

And my Spartans are winning. Things are on their way to being good.

Ashley HaglundAshley works in internal communications. She loves starting new writing projects; is a media junkie; enjoys studying science, technology and patent law issues; and has a love/hate relationship with semi-colons. To see her face and be her internet friend, follow her on twitter.

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