Things For Which I Am Thankful (or, Thanksgiving)

***Note: this post was originally meant to be published on Thanksgiving Day — the person responsible for scheduling (me) has been sacked. Carry on!***

Happy Turkey Day, dear readers! (Or Thanksgivakkuh, if you prefer)

It’s been quite a year so far, and if you’re like me you’re also in the midst of Q4 and the infamous Black Friday is mere moments away. But I wanted to take a moment during this marketing frenzy to give thanks for some wonderful things in my life.

My family

I would be absolutely nothing without my parents. My siblings. My grandmothers. My aunts and uncles. My plethora of cousins (and let me tell you, I have a *lot* of cousins). A certain young man. They mean so much to me and I thank my lucky stars that I am on good terms with them, and that they all love and support me.

My friends

I don’t have many friends, but the ones I do have I’m happy to say are some of the best people I have ever met (which includes the fine ladies with whom I run this blog), and that I hope to have around for life. They never cease to make me smile, and although many of us are scattered across the U.S. now, I’m thankful that I’m still able to keep in touch with them (and occasionally plan visits). Which also leads me to the next item…


On one hand, technology can be a burden — something you must constantly check into and stay logged into and so on, but it’s also helped me keep in touch with some very good friends that I might otherwise have fallen out of touch with. It’s allowed to get my name out into the world (sort of) with freelancing and blogging, and also it’s how I make my livelihood at work.


I have a long way to go before I would ever consider myself “grown-up,” but I have to say that there’s a certain satisfaction that can be gained from being employed and being (somewhat) independent.


I’m (knock-on-wood) still healthy! As is most of my family. This is a nice thing. As Count Rugen says in The Princess Bride, “If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.”

That I Am Alive At This Very Moment

I was not born in a time when women could not vote. I was not born in a country that denies education to women. I was not born in a time when my only options were to get married or be a spinster. I know there’s still much to be done for women worldwide, but it’s nice that at least a little progress has been made in the 20-something years I’ve been living.

And last but not least…


Because who hasn’t been dreaming of turkey and pie and all manner of side dishes? I know I have.

So, before you stuff your face on this fine fourth Thursday of the month, take a moment to think of what things you are thankful for in your own lives. Then pass the mashed potatoes.

Noelle is an email copywriter (yes, that is a thing) and occasional freelance writer. When she’s not typing or running, she can be found eating, sleeping, quoting a movie, or curled up in an easy chair with her nose stuck in a book. Sometimes she tweets too.

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