Professional vs. Personal Identity

personalprofessionalBefore I started working at EnVeritas Group, I never had to worry about my personal identity clashing with my professional one. At my previous job working as a project manager, I wasn’t really tweeting about my job and cool things in the industry—I was simply managing projects.

But taking the EVG job prompted a few changes. As a social media manager (even though my actual title is cooler, digital media coordinator), it’s my job to get people excited about our social media and our online presence. I made the decision to create an entirely different, work-related twitter (which you can find here).


In my personal life, even when I was a student at college tweeting about things like #BeerRhetorics and #msupw, I have always branded myself as a writer. And after college, I worked even harder to brand myself as a creative writer of novels, poems, and stories. My personal blog became a writing blog. My Facebook talked about my writing, pushing my blog posts, and also talking about some Professional Writing related things.

At EVG, I needed a more professional identity. I didn’t want to brand myself as a digital media coordinator on my twitter when I had already branded myself as a writer. So, I decided that it was time to take the plunge—and I created my work related twitter. My LinkedIn, already work-central, became much more active with the dive into my role as digital media coordinator. I created a Google+ page for my professional role, entirely different than my personal, writing-focused Google+.

For me, it was the perfect move. I have the ability to keep things professional on my professional pages, as well as push all of the awesome content happening at EVG, and at the same time I can focus on my brand as a writer with my other pages.

If you’re coming straight out of college, if you have a brand new job, or if you have a job you’ve been at for a while, consider separating your personal and professional identities—it might be a great move for you, too.

I actually wrote a more in-depth post on this for work—check it out here.

Vanessa is a digital media coordinator by day and a writer, novelist, and badass cook by night. She loves used bookstores, is way too serious about tea, and is mildly obsessed with cats. She totally wants to be buddies, so you should follow her on twitter & check out her writing blog.

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