My Writing Secret: Bad Ideas Journal

I just started a new job. I moved to a new state. I live in a new city. I’m leasing a new apartment and car. I have a new routine. My life is full of newness right now and it’s freaking scary sometimes.

But what the heck does this have to do with writing?


Most times when I’m frustrated (aka writer’s block) or when writing is simply a struggle, I scrap my idea and start anew. Most of the time there’s an instantaneous solution. But what about a month later when you have a different perspective, the creative juices are flowing and you remember that idea that at the time may not have been the greatest, but could be now?

More times than not an idea I deem as bad or not going anywhere is actually a good or great idea the next day, the next week or the next year. That’s why I’m an ideas pack rat.

You’ll never find me brooding in front of a typewriter with a trash can full of scrapped paper. First, because it’s the 21st century and only hipsters and octogenarians use typewriters and second because I keep every idea in a black moleskin idea journal.

A journal full of bad ideas? It’s my secret to writing good. I mean well.

Maybe I should have a bad grammar one too.

Ashley HaglundAshley works in corporate, health care and non-profit communications. She loves starting new writing projects; is a media junkie; enjoys studying science, technology and patent law issues; and has a love/hate relationship with semi-colons. To see her face and be her internet friend, follow her on twitter.

2 thoughts on “My Writing Secret: Bad Ideas Journal

  1. I love that. A “bad ideas” journal. (And a Moleskin at that! Yes. There is something so wonderful about Moleskin notebooks, isn’t there?)

    I enjoy to hoard ideas too, but I tend to write them down in random places, digitally, and then forget where I’ve put them. This is a fabulous excuse to buy a new notebook (because I need excuses for such things. Never) – thank you! 🙂

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