Happy (Almost) 1 Year Anniversary, GSL!

Has it really been a year? One whole year? 52 weeks? 365 days? 525,600 minutes?

Well, dear readers, it has indeed been roughly a year since a group of fabulous ladies from MSU’s Professional Writing program hatched a plan to create our very own blog, Grammar Style Life. If this is your first post, welcome! If you’ve been following us from the beginning, thank you.

It’s hard to believe how much has changed since this endeavor began—members of VALCANA have graduated from college, moved to far-off places, started/quit/excelled/failed at various jobs and tasks, and throughout it all we’ve written our experiences down and shared them with you once a month.

I had no idea what to expect when GSL started. I assumed it would be a chance to get a more personal style of writing out into the interwebz, and help me keep in touch with the other fantastic young women who have written, edited and shared via social media pieces of writing that are at times funny, informative, or just plain awesome. In turn, I have also enjoyed writing/editing/sharing things via social media, but I thought I’d include a list of my favorites from each VALCANA member so far:

Vanessa: On Failure and Optimism

Alexandra: When I Started Calling Myself a “Woman in Tech”

Lauren: Life, Edited

Chelsea: Summer Cocktail Round Up

Allegra: To my sixteen-year-old self.

Noelle: (honestly, I’ve enjoyed every GSL post I’ve written — I could never pick a favorite!)

Ashley: Giving Technical Writing A Reality Check

I have no idea what the next year of GSL will bring us, but I can only hope it will be as fun and silly and, dare I say, empowering as it’s been this past year.

Pat yourselves on the back, ladies of VALCANA, and here’s to another year!

Tina Fey


Noelle is an email copywriter (yes, that is a thing) and occasional freelance writer. When she’s not typing or running, she can be found eating, sleeping, quoting a movie, or curled up in an easy chair with her nose stuck in a book. Sometimes she tweets too.

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