Holiday Blues


Our last trip to Asheville.

What do you do when you aren’t going home for the holidays?

I’m sure a lot of you have dealt with this before. Flights are far too expensive around Christmas time. I only have two days of vacation left because I took a trip to Paris back in April. Jacob and I can’t get our days off to line up. And so we are staying in Greenville for Christmas.

It’s weird. I’ve spent some holidays away from family, like New Years or Christmas one year, but I always saw them at one point or another, and this year, I won’t. I am part-relieved and part-disappointed. The relief comes from the stress of booking a ticket and trying to see everyone I know and love in only a few days. The disappointment is, of course, because I love my family and will miss them over the holidays.

It’s just going to be Jacob (a man who doesn’t much care for traditions) and I. I have some time off, but (obviously) not enough for a real out-of-town vacation. And so I ask you—if you weren’t with family for the holidays, what would you do?

I have a few plans. One is a day trip to Asheville, a neat city only an hour away (a trip that will include used bookstores, chocolate, and beer). Another is making some cool Asian dish on Christmas (because why the fuck not). I might even try my hand at a fancy, four-course meal, which will undoubtedly include duck and cocktails. There will be present exchanging, most likely (although that also stresses me out. Gift buying when it is expected and you don’t know who it’s expected from—I mean, why is that a thing?! Can’t I just get people stuff for birthdays, which are usually pretty spread out throughout the year?).

How do you deal with holiday blues? Other than eating all the food and drinking all the eggnog, because let me tell you, that will definitely also be a Thing.

Vanessa is a digital media coordinator by day and a writer, novelist, and badass cook by night. In her spare time she haunts used bookstores, gets serious about tea, and loves a good stout (Russian Imperial, please). Follow her on twitter and instagram if you wanna be buddies, and maybe check out her writing blog.

4 thoughts on “Holiday Blues

  1. Honestly, the only time I was away from my family for Christmas, I ended up incredibly depressed and also sick so I went home and just slept for about a week. But I was also on the other side of the world without even any friends.
    My suggestion would be to get a group of friends who are also “orphaned” on Christmas and throw a Christmas party (whether it’s actually on Christmas Day or not is up to you). It can be potluck so one person isn’t stuck doing all the cooking, and you could play fun games and/or bake cookies/make gingerbread houses. Secret Santa is also something that might be fun and could also alleviate the “who is buying me presents and who do I have to buy for?” stress.
    Bonus points if everyone wears ugly sweaters. 😀

    • Aww that was a tough time for you 😦 Plus you weren’t even at your currently apartment, you were traveling, which can be great but also difficult.

      That sounds the MOST FUN PLAN. I approve of it. I wish we could do it together! ❤

  2. The year Corner and I got married, we were out of vacation time when Christmas rolled around. We spent Christmas 2012 at our home in NYC, and we went all out. We feasted on crab legs and drank tequila sunrises from new champagne glasses. It obviously wasn’t as fun as traveling to see our families, but we made the most of it!

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