The magnificent 7 (Alexandra, Allegra, Ashley, Chelsea, Lauren, Noelle, & Vanessa, also known as VALANCA because Vanessa is nerdy and likes acronyms) met during their college years at Michigan State University, in the major of Professional Writing.

While they all hold a deep love for many different things, there are a few resounding similarities. Grammar. Style. Rhetoric. Flowers. Candies. Chocolates. Promises We Don’t Intend To Keep (Name that movie!). Craft Beer. Trilogies. Mid-Day Emails.

Due to this love of similar things and also a great love for each other, Ashley decided that she wanted to start a blog with the rest of VALANCA. Naturally, everyone else agreed, and here we are today—prepared to lay our lives out for you to read, judge, and enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to say hi!

Vanessa is a project manager by day and a writer, novelist, and pretty badass cook by night. She loves used bookstores and is way too serious about tea. You should follow her on twitter & maybe check out her writing blog.
Alexandra WhiteAlexandra is a WordPress & front-end developer who builds awesome things. She loves craft beer, apple cider cookies, and traveling to new places (especially when the trip is free). You should follow her on twitter and maybe you can become internet friends. Or maybe even IRL friends.
Lauren is a social media guru/web content manager/overall awesome editor. She spends too much time talking about Game of Thrones and the Oxford comma. To be insta-best friends, follow her on twitter.
Allegra graduated in May 2013 with a dual degree in professional writing and gender studies, and is pursuing a master’s in rhetoric and writing. She’s into queer theology, sex theory, and a whole host of other things that are impolite to speak of at the dinner table.
Noelle is an email copywriter (yes, that is a thing) and occasional freelance writer. When she’s not typing or running, she can be found eating, sleeping, quoting a movie, or curled up in an easy chair with her nose stuck in a book. Sometimes she tweets too.
Chelsea is currently working as a copywriter at a software company. She is a syntax enthusiast and always enjoys a good dinner party.
Ashley HaglundAshley works as a technical writer. She loves starting new writing projects; is a media junkie; enjoys studying science, technology and patent law issues; and has a love/hate relationship with semi-colons. To see her face and be her internet friend, follow her on twitter.

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