Finishing What You’ve Started

Today I finished a large project at work. One of those projects that’s starts with an “Oh, do you have a quick minute for…” and quickly escalates to a multi-week, all-consuming, cross-department affair.

Too real.

While completing this beast, I’ll admit I was not 100% enthusiastic. Who wants to spend weeks making updates to a website when they could be writing interesting customer stories or sending amusing tweets (both actual parts of my day-to-day assignments at work)? But I sucked it up, and I did it. Because it’s my job, and I always do my job. That’s what they pay me the medium bucks for.

And then my boss said something very interesting to me. “At least now you can say you’re accountable for international navigation changes.” Bam. That’s sounds super important, right? In truth, it is and it isn’t. I made the changes, yes, but with tons and tons of input from people at all levels of the company.

Either way, she was right. I am accountable for international navigation changes. I made those changes, and I made them on my company’s domestic and international websites. Suddenly all those hours upon hours of staring at a computer screen seemed worth it. Like I gained an experience I can use and share and impart wisdom to others from. One those look-at-all-my-credible-skills moments.

Finishing a project like this is a nice reminder about one of my favorite things about being a writer: that feeling of accomplishment when you’re finally done. Love that.

Chelsea currently works as a copywriter at a software company. She is a syntax enthusiast and always enjoys a good dinner party.